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Real estate agents love to get contact numbers, but what do you do with homebuyer information once you have a list of potential clients? How do you communicate in a way that’s helpful given their circumstances? One of the best ways to nurture leads is to provide them with useful content, regardless of their stage in the homebuying or selling process. This can solidify your role as a valuable resource to them, as well as offer an easy way to maintain a relationship with leads.

Our Homeward™ blog is chock full of articles that could be helpful for clients and potential clients alike. We’ve gathered a few of our recent posts that might be relevant to different types of buyers and sellers. Take a look!

For the buyer eager to save money:

Five Financial Wellness Tips to Help you Land your Dream Home in 2024

Each time January rolls around, potential homebuyers are on the hunt for ways to make their dream home a reality in the new year. Educate them on how to improve their financial wellness by sharing this blog article! The post offers helpful suggestions for budgeting, saving, improving credit scores and more (all of which are useful year-round, too!).

Creative Ways to Save Money for a Down Payment

For those at the very beginning of their homebuying journey, this blog may be just what they need. It features some of our favorite (and unique!) ways to save for a down payment, whether a buyer is looking to put 3.5% or 20% down. Sharing financial knowledge is an excellent way to nurture leads in the early stages!

For the house hunter planning to move soon:

What To Put On Your House Hunting Checklist

Before beginning their search for a new home, it’s important for house hunters to have a firm grasp on what they want/need. In this blog post, we provide helpful examples of what kind of items buyers should include in their new home checklist, from their ideal number of bedrooms to the amenities they’d like in their neighborhood.

What to Expect When Buying a Quick Move-in Home

Quick move-in homes allow buyers to purchase a brand-new house on a shorter timeline…which makes them the perfect option to share with leads hoping to move soon! This article explores the steps involved in purchasing a quick move-in home, from the beginning of the search to post-closing support.

For the client looking to make improvements at home:

A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Home Buyers & Sellers

Tis the season for spring cleaning! Both buyers and sellers can potentially benefit from some extra-thorough tidying and this blog offers a helpful checklist of items they may want to consider before making a big move.

How to Decorate Your Home Like a Model Home

You’re likely familiar with clients asking, “How do I get my house to look like this?” as you take them on tours through model homes. Well, this blog has the answers to that question! Share this article with clients looking to do some model-worthy decorating in their home.

For the lead hoping to sell:

Lighting Tips to Help Sell Your Home

You probably understand that, in the game of first impressions, a poorly lit home is at an immediate disadvantage. This blog article offers folks looking to sell some basic lighting tips to help make a brighter impression at their next home showing.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell this Spring

Beyond improving the lighting situation, there are plenty of other tasks sellers should take care of before putting their home on the market. We’ve compiled a few of our top house-prepping tips in this blog article. Share it as a way to nurture leads looking to sell soon!

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