Why Sell New Homes? Minimal Maintenance!

Man pushing woman sitting in moving box

When your clients think about buying a brand-new home, advantages such as choosing their neighborhood, floor plan, homesite and options may spring to mind (it’s all about the personalization!). They may also relish the idea of being the very first occupant(s) in the fresh, clean space. But there’s another big benefit that many buyers may overlook, especially if it’s their first home purchase: new homes typically require less maintenance than their resale counterparts.

New homes (whether to-be-built or spec) are a great choice for clients who don’t have the time, knowledge, inclination or funds to remodel or repair a resale. Following are a few important maintenance considerations for clients currently weighing both options.

Nice and new.

A brand-new home means brand-new materials, appliances and systems. Items in a resale, on the other hand, may be nearing (or at) the end of their lifecycle. And even if they appear to be relatively new, there’s no guarantee that they’ve been properly maintained by the previous tenant(s). Are your clients mentally and financially prepared to make immediate repairs and renovations?

Under warranty, too.

New materials, appliances and systems in a brand-new home are typically backed by homebuilder and manufacturer warranties. Depending on the age of the resale, your client may be left with little to no remaining warranty and costly repair (or replacement) bills.

Peace of mind.

New homes are built to meet modern codes and safety regulations, which can set buyers’ minds at ease. This may not be the case with older resale homes, which can pose structural, electrical and other hazards. Instead of the turn-key home of their dreams, your client may be met with a laundry list of items to retrofit and replace prior to move-in.

Energy savings.

New homes typically consume less energy than those built decades (or even just five years) ago, according to the RESNET® HERS® Index. They generally boast the latest energy-efficient appliances, enhanced window design/insulation and more efficient heating and cooling systems than their resale counterparts. This may translate to lower bills and less maintenance.

As an agent, you have a vested interest in each and every home your clients purchase. After all, nothing ensures repeat business and future referrals like a positive homebuying experience! Explore RichmondAmerican.com for exceptional new homes and communities in your area, and keep reading our agent blog for timely tips and important industry info!