Benefits of Selling Quick Move-in Homes

Agent handing house keys to happy couple

Not every buyer has the time to build a new home from the ground up. For those shoppers, we have quick move-in homes. Professionally designed inside and out, quick move-in homes are finished—or nearly finished—and ready to close within a matter of days or weeks. This results in several sales advantages for real estate agents.

  1. Buyers can see what they’re buying. Not everyone can envision what a home will look like, based on floor plans and tours of similar models. For the buyer who says, “I know what I like when I see it,” a finished home can be an easier sell.
  2. Pricing may be simplified. The freedom that comes with personalizing a to-be-built home also brings with it some variability in pricing. Choosing a quick move-in home allows a buyer to know right off the bat what the total cost of the home will be, including any structural options, lot premiums and (if completed) selected interior features.
  3. Interest rates are more predictable. Closing sooner means buyers can typically lock in a rate without the need for an extended rate lock.
  4. Moving Day is in sight. A shorter timeline may be appealing to a variety of buyers, especially those relocating from out of town or out of state. There’s also greater certainty about the closing date. While it’s possible something will come up to postpone a signing—due to buyer, seller or lender issues—you generally aren’t subject to events like weather or permitting delays. BONUS: A faster close = a faster commission check!
  5. It’s brand new! Your clients will enjoy all-new appliances and HVAC systems, energy-efficient construction methods and features, storage and room layouts designed for modern lifestyles, and all of the other benefits of new home ownership.

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