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We're Proud to Participate in the ENERGY STAR® Program

We're Proud to Participate in the ENERGY STAR® Program

Reducing energy consumption—and your utility bills!


ENERGY STAR® isn't just a label you'll find on appliances (though we offer those, too!).

It's a way of building new homes that cut energy and water waste without cutting comfort and convenience.

According to the EPA, ENERGY STAR® certified homes offer:

  • Reduced utility bills (compared to standard homes) through reduced energy waste
  • Improved indoor air quality due to fresh-air systems and high-performance filters that reduce dust, pollen and other pollutants
  • More consistent temperatures throughout the home, thanks to high-efficiency heating and cooling systems
  • Fewer leaks and drafts through comprehensive air sealing, proper insulation and high-performance windows and doors
  • Increased protection from moisture intrusion via a comprehensive water management system
  • Better resale value when it’s time for your next move
  • Greater peace of mind because homes are held to strict government standards and independently inspected by trained and certified professionals
Homes For Today / Homes for Tomorrow program logo
Homes For Today / Homes for Tomorrow program logo

Be sure to sign up for more information about our green building practices near you! To learn more about the benefits of ENERGY STAR® homes, visit the EPA's website,

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