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Home finder

Home finder

It’s time to start your new home search!

We take pride in our website and hope you'll agree that we've built the ultimate home finder! We've designed our new home search features to make it easy for you to find your community and home in a few quick taps or clicks. But so much of a successful home search depends on your ability to do research and match your own house hunting criteria to what's available.

The home search journey!


Make your wish list

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From the number of bedrooms and garage bays to the size of your yard, make a list of all your must-haves and nice-to-haves and keep it on hand during your home finder journey. For a pre-made worksheet, check out our First-time Homebuyer Guide.

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Get pre-qualified

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Before you get too far into the search process, it helps to have your finances in order. It’s easier to narrow down your online search when you know for certain what you can afford and it’s easier to move quickly and sign a contract when you’re pre-qualified for a mortgage. As always, we recommend working with our affiliate, HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation.*

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*The Richmond American Homes companies (RAH) and HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation (HMC) are owned, directly or indirectly, by M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. and, therefore, are affiliated companies. RAH and HMC offer services independently of each other, and if you obtain a product or service from one company, you are not required to utilize the services of, or obtain products from, the other company. Your decision to use a company that is not affiliated with RAH or HMC will not affect your ability to obtain products and services from these companies.

Start online shopping on our site!

Welcome to our website! We’re glad you’re here. This is one of the most exciting parts of the process. You can explore floor plans while you’re binging a TV show, enjoying breakfast or waiting in line at the grocery store. We encourage you to make a wish list and really keep it top of mind or even right in front of you as you shop to make sure you don’t lose sight of your priorities!

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Narrow down neighborhoods

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Don’t get so focused on the floor plan search that you lose sight of the location. We recommend driving through communities at different times of day to get a feel for the lifestyle of the area. Are people out jogging on trails? Is there a playground within walking distance? Does the community have a pool or a golf course? It’s these types of features and amenities that can make you fall in love with a neighborhood. If you want insider knowledge from a local expert, talk to a New Home Specialist at 888.500.7060.

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Tour model homes

It’s time to leave the comfort of your current home in search of a new place to find comfort! Model homes are a great place to start. Make a shortlist of neighborhoods you would like to check out and verify that model homes are available for tour. Walking through beautiful furnished homes can be the best way to tell if you like the way a homebuilder constructs homes. Even if the floor plan you love is slightly different than the model home’s layout, touring in person can help your imagination along.

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Start your search today

When you're ready to begin browsing dream homes, we have the search filters and inventory you need to find the neighborhood and floor plan that best suit your lifestyle needs. Get started now!

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