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Model homes near me

Model homes near me

Learn what to do when it's time to tour.

When new construction homebuyers call our Homebuyer Resource Center (888.500.7060), they often ask "how can I find model homes near me?" It's no secret that touring model homes, as well as homes ready for move-in, is the easiest way to learn how a home will work for your lifestyle. Some people love walking the models even when they're happily situated to get design ideas!

Three homes on a street, all two-stories and each with a three-car garage

Buying a new home is about more than just the house itself. Whether you prefer a quiet, rural setting or a neighborhood chock-full of amenities, community matters! Before you make the drive to a bunch of model homes, we recommend narrowing down your tours to those communities that best meet your lifestyle needs. Below are some factors to consider before you start a search on this site.

Community size

Aerial view of a community with a golf course and mountains in the background

Community size

Do you want to live in a small, charming community or large masterplan? They both have their advantages and it's all about where you'll feel the most comfortable. If the neighborhood is under construction, it may not be clear which amenities are in the works. Call and ask the sales associate if there will be a future pool, parks or a rec center. Answers to these questions may put one community at the top of your list. Or call 888.500.7060 and a local expert will be happy to help!


Proximity to the places you'll drive to daily, as well as the types and number of amenities within a particular community can all factor into the lifestyle of that neighborhood.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Does the community have a pool?
  • How far is the closest grocery store?
  • Are there restaurants and shopping nearby?
  • Is there a neighborhood park and/or dog park?
  • How conducive is your neighborhood for participating in your hobbies? (Near trails for biking, a dance school for your child, etc.)



Teenage girl walking on sidewalk with backpack on


Is it important to you that an elementary school is within walking distance of your home? Maybe you prefer a high school with a great soccer program. Different schools can be attractive to parents for a variety of reasons, so be sure to seek out a school fit based on criteria that matter to your family.

On our website, we've added search filters that let you narrow down communities by schools rated 7 or higher on, but we know that schools are more than just a number, so we encourage you to do your research. Read our blog article on How to Find the Right School District for Your Child for pointers.


Get out of your car and walk the community at different times of day to get a general sense of the neighborhood.


Use our search filters to narrow down your results to communities with a variety of amenities.

Choosing a homebuilder

Once you narrow down your search to a few new construction home neighborhoods, the number of model homes to tour should become more manageable. But before you get on the road, it pays to do some research on the homebuilders in your area. Homebuyers who have never purchased a new construction home might not realize that not all homebuilders offer the same options or tackle the building process in the same way.

But how do you even start evaluating homebuilders? We have a guide for that! Download our Comparison Shopping Guide for more tips on how to select the right builder for you.

Model home touring tips

You've scoped out neighborhoods, you've narrowed your search to a few select homebuilders... maybe you've even spent some time online exploring floor plans. Now it's time to tour model homes and quick move-in homes until you find the right one for you!

Save your info

Either save all the links to your communities and their addresses, plus any floor plans you’re considering, or print out the information and proudly label that folder Model Homes Near Me! It will be helpful to have that information on hand so you can reference it as you tour.

Decide what to bring

First on the list is comfortable clothes and shoes. Second is a measuring tape! See our blog article for more on this topic: Model Home Tour Checklist

Mind your model list

It’s easy to be charmed by a home’s curb appeal or the size of the rooms and forget to look at all the details that can make a house a home. Be sure to have these details on your touring observation list (and yes, we recommend making an actual list so you don’t miss the things that matter most!).

Assess closet space

Is there enough? How many closets are there in each area? Do a deep dive on the home storage and take notes.

Measure for furniture

Measure your large pieces ahead of time and bring a measuring tape to make sure your hutch, dining table, king-size bed and/or sectional will fit.

Assess electrical outlets

Where are they and do they make sense for your electronic needs?


As much as you want your belongings to fit, be open to replacing certain items. Don’t miss out on the perfect home when you could simply sell and replace one piece of furniture!

For more model home touring tips and a house hunting checklist to bring with you to help you keep your priorities top of mind, get our How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your Lifestyle guide.

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New home buying basics

If you want more detailed information on how to evaluate model homes near you in one convenient guide, download this amazing resource now: New Home Buying Basics.

Exterior of home with three-care garage, stone accents, and wooden shutters

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