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New Home Sales Tools for 2021

January 21, 2021

Last quarter, we introduced you to Lifestyle Approved, a campaign that highlights all the ways Richmond American’s flexible floor plans can help your clients find a new home that fits their changing lifestyle needs. For 2021, we’re adding a new set of resources especially for buyers in the early phases of their house hunt. We’ve called it Start Smart.

Start Smart

Throughout this season, we’ll focus on blog topics and sharable social media stories that speak to buyers looking to join in the spring or fall selling seasons. Here are some you can start sharing right now!

New Home or Resale?
If your clients are battling resale scarcity, let them know that buying a new home not only gets them out of the bidding wars, but also has a boatload of other advantages. Check out our article for yourself! You may discover a couple of new-home facts you didn’t know (and if you want a few more, go get our free Selling New Homes guide). See & share

Preparing for a Move: How to Declutter & Minimize
A new year puts many people in the mood to start fresh and slim down, whether that applies to their finances, their health or their home’s clutter. That’s what makes this article a great one to share with prospects and past clients alike! We’ve gathered advice from trending home organizers to help answer the question: “Does this spark joy?” “Is this really something I want to pack and move?” See & share

11 Must-ask Questions for Your New Home Builder
Builders aren’t all the same. We all offer different floor plans, included features, levels of design freedom, post-closing care, track records, stability…we could go on. In this article, we’ve suggested a few questions that may help your client gain a better understanding of the differences between homebuilders and what they have to offer, so buyers can be confident they’ve made an informed decision. See & share

Advice from Richmond American Homebuyers
We love talking with people about their homebuying experience—from that life-changing moment they signed the contract, to the fun they had choosing their backsplash tile and light fixtures at the Home Gallery™, to the excitement they felt when they were handed the keys. In this article, we gathered some words of wisdom from our interviews to help future homebuyers enjoy the same success. If any of your buyers would like to share their Richmond American homebuying story with us, drop us a line! See & share

Tips for Buying Your First Home
Start your first-time homebuyers off on the right foot with these simple—but vital—steps! It will make their house hunt better and your job easier. We also recommend directing first-timers toward our free guide, written just for them. See and share

7 Podcasts for New & Aspiring Homebuyers
Portable, free and plentiful podcasts can be a great way to learn when you don’t have time to sit down and do research. But there are so many options, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve gathered a few that your clients may find helpful, especially if they’re new to buying a home. Check out our list and let us know if there are any you’d add. See & share

We hope these resources have given you plenty of conversation starters to use with your early-interest buyers. For those closer to closing, be sure to let them know about this month’s special offer!

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