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Whether they are trying to find the best homebuilder, or choosing their homesite for their dream home, it’s important to keep in contact with your clients. We’ve gathered a new set of resources for buyers to enjoy while they begin their house hunt. Throughout this season, we are focusing on blog topics and sharable social media stories that help you answer questions your clients may have and create a valuable tool for you to strengthen your relationship with them. You can also look at our Homeward™ blog for fresh content to share on your email and social feeds. Here are just a few or our recent stories:

7 Signs You’re Ready to Buy a New Home Now

If you’re less than satisfied with your current living situation but remain on the fence about starting your house hunt, here are seven signs that may indicate that you’re ready to make a move to a new home that better meets your present and future needs. READ MORE

A Go-to Guide for Finding the Best Home Builder

It’s imperative to identify a home builder that brings both integral skills and sought-after offerings to your dream home. The good news? This guide is about to make your decision a lot easier! READ MORE

3 Ways to Make Today’s Mortgage Interest Rates Work for You

Are you wondering if now is the right time to make a move? Here are three ways today’s mortgage interest rates could help you get into your dream home. READ MORE

Building Your Dream Home: How to Choose a Homesite

Selecting a homesite is an exciting step in your homebuying journey. Be sure to pay attention to the following factors when deciding where to construct your new home. READ MORE

Contract on Your Dream Home in a Low-Inventory Housing Market—Here’s How!

Don’t let home shopping or a low-inventory housing market stop you from making your dream move. We put together some tips for contracting in a tight market. READ MORE

5 Ways to Figure Out How Much Mortgage You Can Afford

From planning a down payment strategy to putting together an accurate budget, here are five ways to evaluate your financial situation and purchasing power, helping set the stage for a smooth, successful homebuying process. READ MORE

Secrets to Selling New Homes

You’re a great resale agent, but do you know new homes? Discover all you need to know to master the new home niche.

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